A new vision for the health of Bradford

Woodfitness is a team of highly-trained exercise professionals dedicated to serving the health and wellbeing of the people of Bradford on a not-for-profit basis.

We passionately believe in the power of supported exercise programmes.

Our experience shows that all members of the community can achieve better health, fitness and wellbeing through supported exercise.

We work with GPs, charities, community organisations to offer local people tailored personal training to meet any need. We provide a friendly and encouraging community environment where people of all backgrounds and fitness levels can come together and share in the fun of exercise at an appropriate level.

Our goal is to see Bradford transformed into an inspiring example of healthy living, where the benefits of exercise and good health advice produce great results in people’s physical health, mood and overall wellbeing.


What we do

Woodfitness is more than a team of personal training professionals. We are experts in helping people experiencing reduced mental and physical health to overcome barriers to developing a healthy exercise habit.

Without personal support we observed that 95% of people drop out of prescribed exercise programmes before a healthy habit has been formed.

Our expert team, including Level 4 Personal Trainers, employ our unique Health Belief Model (HBM), to support referred clients through a 4 week programme.

In this way, Woodfitness helps people of all backgrounds overcome barriers and establish a healthy exercise habit.

The health belief model

In all our services we draw on our unique Health Belief Model.

We invest strongly in every client over a 4 week programme. Personal attention and care is a key factor. To overcome barriers to exercise, people need to feel welcome and comfortable in the gym environment. Over the 4 week period, the support we give delivers the encouragement needed for people to get, and keep, the healthy habit.

We begin with a full one-to-one personal assessment combining information from the client’s GP and our own, safely-administered health and fitness assessment covering a wide range of wellbeing and lifestyle factors as well as a supervised, appropriate range of exercise tests.

Based on this assessment, Woodfitness then delivers 8 more one-to-one sessions to help people start to enjoy exercise. Evidence from a wide range of studies shows that even gentle, regular exercise can yield extremely impressive results in terms of physical health, wellbeing and mood.

At the end of the 4 week programme, we then check the health, fitness and wellbeing of every client again. These results confirm the benefits to the client, and are fed back to the referring GP.

In this step-by-step way Woodfitness can make a real difference to the health of the community.

How to refer patients to Woodfitness

We welcome all referrals from local GPs. Please email woodfitness@yahoo.co.uk or call 01274 663380 for details.

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